Property Maintenance
Eagles Nest is one of the premier maintenance companies on the South Shore.  Our crews have been with us a minimum of ten years, thus providing us with a stable, educated and experienced workforce.  We use state-of-the-art mowing equipment, from large estate mowers to small walk-behinds.  We analyze each site to determine the individual equipment needs to assure a precise and thorough mow.  

Our pruning department is considered some of the more expert pruners in the area.  All pruners go through a thorough one-year training program to learn the many different aspects of pruning.  We currently have over one and half miles of privet hedge under management.  We have the knowledge and ability to reduce large shrub size in an appropriate way.  Eagles Nest can determine the nutritional needs of your shrubs and trees as well and implement programs to generate maximum health.

Eagles Nest has a number of multi-acre estates under management, as well as more typical half-acre properties.  We can tailor a management program to suit your property and budget.